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I’m Pete, an advocate of everything outdoors, muddy shoes, smelly socks and stupid vest-related tan lines. I’m trying to pursue a more active and adventurous day-to-day by taking on increasingly silly physical challenges and long, human powered adventures.

Leaving the office for the outdoors

In 2018, after working in the Pensions industry for 4 years training to be an Actuary, I gave in to an insatiable desire to leave everything and go on a very long bike ride. I quit my job in mid-May 2018 and hit the road two hours later. Driven by curiosity, an adventurous spirit and a realisation I wasn’t suited to a desk-bound lifestyle.

Since giving up the 9-5 I have been fortunate to travel through 23 countries, cycling through 21 of them, as well as running 400 miles across Sri Lanka and 200 miles of Japan’s northernmost island Hokkaido before abandoning the run due to injury.

I have cycled London to Paris twice,  climbed the three peaks, and in 2018 ran 7 marathons in 7 months in 7 countries across Europe, cycling between them all.

I am currently planning a 5,000 mile cycle around Australia.

more About me

I grew up in the Wye Valley, Herefordshire, and spent many years exploring the beauty of the River Wye by kayak, canoe and later hiking with camera in hand. It was mid-way through University in Leeds that I first took up photography, and while it was a hobby for a number of years it wasn’t until summer 2017 that it really took hold.

I began to put a lot of time into photography as a means to get out and explore the UK, and quickly found myself trekking into a snowstorm in the Brecon Beacons, racing down to Dorset to catch a sunset, camping on the cliffs of Cheddar Gorge to catch a sunrise and taking day trips to all manner of other beautiful sites on my doorstep. I had realised I wanted to spend more time exploring the world.

I have also had a growing desire to challenge myself physically. Having been born with Congenital Heart Disease, undergoing two open heart operations as a baby and running through tests, scans and research projects on a regular basis, I feel incredibly fortunate to be in good health. Now Im doing all I can to take advantage of it.

Alongside my adventures I have interests in photography, writing and filmmaking.


  • Running the length of Sri Lanka

  • Cycling across Europe & India

  • Running 7 marathons in 7 months in 7 countries across Europe

  • UK 3 Peaks by bike


  • Tearing a knee ligament 200 miles into a 2,000 miles run through Japan


  • Cycling across Australia

  • Hiking Te Araroa (NZ)

  • Running Japan (attempt #2)

  • Cycling around the world (the BIG dream!)

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