Running Japan: Kit list for a 2,000 mile run

Why run across a country with a support team when you can do it solo with 13kgs on your back?...

In truth I don’t know exactly what all this weighs, and nor do I want to. I take solace in the knowledge that when warmer weather comes to Hokkaido, (the north island I begin my run on), I will be able to lose a significant chuck of this gear e.g. thermals, down jacket, extra layers, bivvy and hoodie. The majority of this gear I had already accumulated over the past couple of years and have been using throughout my cycling and running challenges for the past year.

For now I am carrying too much. But it means that I will be positively flying through Japan when they load is lightened!

Below is the full kit list and a video explaning it all. Cheers!

Kit list for my run across Japan, from north to south.

Kit list


Running gear:

Day clothes:

  • Quechua zip-off trousers

  • Lululemon long sleeved top

  • Kalenji tee

  • Nike running hoodie

  • Cap

  • Montbell thermal socks

  • Quechua sandals

Winter clothes:

  • Thermal base layer set

  • Tresspass down jacket

  • Turtlefur beanie

  • Berghaus neck warmer

  • Thermal gloves and liners


Camping gear:


  • Wallet, tennis ball, mascot, utensils, flash cards with basic Japanese + translated letter of expedition explanation aka the ‘magic letter’ (I got this idea from Al Humphreys!)

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