Running Sri Lanka: the film

I’ve had a rough few days confined to a bed in the hope of easing a swollen and painful knee and at the moment am not confident of progressing my run through Japan as I had hoped.

What I needed this morning was a shot of adrenaline, a good news story and a morale booster. Thankfully my friend Marc (@bikepackmarc) was on hand to deliver his film about our run across Sri Lanka!

Watching this has cheered me up no end. It reminded me that really the running is insignificant in comparison to the overall experience - the food, the people, the landscapes and culture, the day to day interactions, funny whinging and hilarious misunderstandings.

So while my plans in Japan have taken a hit I can still look back on a stonking first week in which I ran over 200km, lapped a volcano and met some truly outstanding and kind people.

I can also look back on 20 days running across Sri Lanka with Marc, slightly disbelieving that it actually happened, and ecstatic that we have this brilliant film to cheer us up when the tough times hit in future.

Thanks go to Marc who spent three weeks running behind me with camera in hand (‘chasing the Lamb’) and who has been editing this video while cycling from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok! Go find his adventures at his Blog, on Facebook or on Instagram.

And please take some time out to watch his film below 👇. It really was an incredible few weeks.

Marc has dedicated the film to the people who lost their lives in the awful attacks in SL this weekend. I think the video goes some way to showing what a beautiful country it is, and I am sure the communities affected will rally round and help each other through this difficult time, just as so many of them helped us on our way.

Happy Easter all.


Chasing the Lamb

Meet Pete Lamb, a 25 year old adventurer from Bristol, England. On 23rd february 2019, Pete started the attempt, to run 612 kilometers across the spine of the island of Sri Lanka. The route went from the most northern point of the island, Point Pedro, to the most southern point, Point Dondra.

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